Castell de Santueri

H: Southern rampart and quarry

The eastern rampart is damaged and waiting to be intervened in future actions. It consists of four sections that have a total length of 26.50 m and, on its implementation, made ​​in limestone like most of the rest of the set, we can see some row of Opus Spicatum.

Not far from the remains of the wall there is a small limestone quarry of inclined type, where you can see traces of manual removal of the raw material used for the construction of part of the castle. 

Normally, the hard stones and less aesthetic were used as masonry on the walls and baseboards, while stone softer and easier to carve were used in the masonry cover, corners, windows, keystones, etc. For example, in 1329, in the Royal Heritage Archive (Palma) we found Planajor, a mason, employed 41 days to remove the slabs from the quarry and corbels that were to serve for the matacan of Homage tower and what exists in the wall of the castle's façade.