Castell de Santueri


E: Main Cistern 

Water is a scarce resource and seasonally limited in regions such as Mallorca, characterized by a Mediterranean climate, very dry and hot in the summer months. This fact leads to create catchment and storage facilities, both as surface water as groundwater.

The Santueri Castle is a clear reflection of this situation, as it has a large water network formed by a well, irrigation channels and at least 6 wells that allowed to collect and store water for times of siege or drought.

Its construction techniques does not possible to date the origin of the hydraulic system, so it is unknown if it could be Islamic or have developed later in medieval times. 

In the case of the cistern, is a waterproofed rectangular structure 16 m long and 4.40 m wide. It has a domed cover of 5.20 m high, supported by three arches slightly pointed typology of which two remains today. This element received water through a sluice of stone, connected to the castle’s water mains.