Castell de Santueri

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Christopher Columbus and the Santueri Castle

The origin of the discoverer of the American continent is a source of global study, having not been proven conclusively. A thesis, supported by some documentation, claims that Christopher Columbus was the son of the Prince Charles of Viana,-son of King John I of Navarre, which, confined at Santueri Castle by his father (there is documentary evidence that Prince Charles was installed on the Royal Palace of  Palma and, apparently, because of the significant risk of leakage from the port of Palma, would have been ordered to be confined in Santueri Castle) would have had a child with the young mallorcan Margarita  Colom of s'Alqueria Rotja (Felanitx), a place near Santueri  Castle, in 1460.

An international project led by forensic scientists at the University of Granada, conducted DNA studies to compare the remains of Christopher Columbus in the Cathedral of Seville (Spain) and in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) with those of Prince Carlos of Viana to check the veracity of this hypothesis. Their findings are not definitive.